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[...]and isolable phenomenon

Freud --> psyche = a perpetually available innocence + infinite reserve of traces
*perception arouse interest on the account of their possible connection with the object wished for* : ‘perception = question of internal excitation’

Cezanne --(in Pineapple and Rocks)--> coexistence (continuity) of:
an attentiveness that is bound (cathected) onto established (facilitated) patterns [= one's own history + its fixation]
a perception of animality and novelty [= relaxation of grip, musical, (Deleuze and Guattari's) *antimemory* =/= atemporal forgetting]

vertigo: auto-movement of chaos

“Cezanne's work = model of a nonhuman perception” : (reading of Cezanne as) austere project of formal rigor, performed on some remote plane of aesthetic production; an enterprise tragically detached from an engagement with the social contradiction of his time =/= (Crary's reading of) Cezanne coinciding historically with new perceptual technologies --> new metaphoric possibilities

accumulated experience --basis--> radical depersonalization --intuit--> creative forces of chaos (in your own provence)

**Cezanne's imaginative refiguration of himself as machine = translate automatically** ==> release from grounded condition of human perception : to become an apparatus = implacability apprehend a world outside of the terms (that the artist wants out) ==> novelty (~= to overcome the gravity of one's own interiority) --Cezanne--> primordial image (of irreducible formlessness, of ***world in process without horizon***, without position, of slowly vibrating colors...) [<-- *apparatus becoming* is now the cliche of contemporary artist]

glow of a geological dawn
archaic + inert
deterritorializing processes of capitalism (+ its imperatives of perpetual renovation) --> (its compatible) uprooted nonorientable subject

nature experienced as vibrations, animations, chromatic reverberation (+ seeking a “logic” to clarify its unfolding)

hideous sign of progress (for Cezanne: electric light, cinema, )

artistic modernism <==Adorno== (the fact that) the most advanced procedures of material production and organization are not limited to the sphere in which they originate (---> go to incarnation)

demotivated subjectivity
wants something that is neither optical nor mechanical nor intellectual ==> substitute a mode of consciousness that is predominantly intuitive : the awareness of touch

historical adjacency (<-- Crary's knowledge zoom)

*late work of Cezanne (in spite of apparent social isolation of its production) = a site where modernization of subject occurs (of late 19th century)* --> dynamization of perception (occurring in many different domains around the year 1900 --introducing--> new techniques of vision)

Cezanne =/= contemplative distance
Cezanne =/= perceptual autonomy
Cezanne = nervous system interfacing with (a continually transforming) external environment
Cezanne = an example of a contemporary conceptualization of reality (as a dynamic aggregate of sensations)

--> emerging industries of spectacle

technology dictionary encyclopedia navigation rhetorics [source: Le Larousse pour tous: nouveau dictionnaire encyclopédique 1907] (fundamentally distinct) machinic visual technologies --Deleuze--> cinema =/= previous historical forms of simulation (some continuous western mode of representation, with its origins in Renaissance), represent the world
cinema --constitutes--> *an autonomous world* made up of breaks and disproportions, deprived of all centers, addressing itself as such to viewers who are in themselves no longer the center of their own perception


nonselectivity of cinema eye =/= texture of human attentiveness

cinema = fusion = dream of the functional integrity of the world

film = validation of the authenticity of the perceptual disorientation

}----> Crary's analysis of Edison's train robbery scene : serial reconfiguration of a kinesthetic constellation of moving forces (+ additional system of movements and forces: bodies, bullets, explosion) =/= question of mobile point of view

Cezanne <--> cinema camera --Dziga-->
i am a mechanical eye
i, a machine, show you the world as only i can see it
now and forever, i free myself from human immobility
i am in constant motion, i draw near, then far away objects, i crawl under, i climb onto them... i plug and soar together with plunging and soaring bodies
now, i, a camera, fling myself along their resultant maneuvering in the chaos of movement, recording movement, starting with movement of the most complex combinations

Sherrington --> stimuli in the external world are selected and fashioned by the organism
=/= Pavlov: stimuli = alien shocks encountered and responded to
=/= Cartesian res extensa, res cogitans
“the great physical process of attention”
inhibition: an active process
anticipatory behavior
exploratory locomotor behavior
integrative function” of nervous system ==> binding
(integrative: incorporation of the exterior world)
“human perception = possibility of motor activity”


Cezanne sitting in nature and studying motif, tilting his head ~-> intensity unfolding chromatically before him (a mode of physical being) --> *time of the body* [<-- this is typical of today art in european] = indefinite scalar time + intensity is experienced outside representation
river stands for his engagement with a more primal flux
sustained condition of vibrating instability
apprehension of multiplicity
world = turn of a kaleidoscope (prismatic)
(when you look at a) landscape has its own weird anima, it changes like a living animal under our gaze (---> go to machine dreaming image learning 2020)
to make yourself into a responsible productive organ
--> **incarnation of a contradictory enterprise of self-transformation, self-renewal** <-- (Cezanne's retrospective fulfilment of a tradition from which he could not fully acknowledge his own decisive departure)

...your intuition on the edge of the river

Cezanne = reformulation of natural world + broken hope of community (~= intimacy --> Rousseau's mode of attention contemplation: “thought =/= reverie” : the more sensitive the soul of the observer, the greater the ecstasy aroused in him. deep and delightful reverie : a state of blissful self-abandonment)
--> novelty of a smooth unorganized perceptual space
--Crary--> example of the nonsynchronous character of modernism (~ coexistence of realities from radically different moments of history) [<-- is my bestiary research on the same plural historical positioning?]
termination of a romantic visionary tradition

(in the West) [*]image: decentered chrono-iconography, automatic self-movement

rise of cinema: body-machine assemblage --Deleuze--> new paradigm of *psycho-mechanics* ~ cinema is capable of touching the cerebral system directly ==>
experimental forms of life = freedom (affirmative model of automatic behavior --> thought functions at a higher level with an arsenal of syntactic perceptual conceptual tools)
management of attention (model of passive automatism)

(from) dreamer --to--> somnambulist --to--> hypnosis --to--> suggestion --to--> hallucination --to--> obsession

Deleuze + Benjamin + Virilio
the idea of *art of automatic movement coincide with fascism*
@Pierre, pass, Foad

scopophilia: a forced ecstatic abjection before the image
=/= mastery

[*]spectacle: (spectacular culture) attention would be made attentive to everything but itself


“my experience is what i aggree to attend to” (James) ~= affirmation of an autonomous self-choosing world-creating subject liberated from the receptive status of a subject for whom experience was “the mere presence to the senses of an outward order”) --Crary--> historical crisis in the nature of experience: *attention = simulation of + compensation for a chimerical real experience*

(in my text rigging demons --> reconciliation of:)
individual attentiveness to the fringes, transitions, pulses of one's own particular “pure experience”
“experience” as immersion in the tangled density of a shared mutually inhabited world

James's conception of selfhood: private property (--in--> Tasavof: the most radical of all possible alienat[...]