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[...]heoretical bullshit! --> my performances are about trying to find a way of not being theorematic while doing theory]***** (and they say ‘problematic’ the problem it is not an “obstacle”)
=/= “royal science”: reducing the “problem-element” and subordinate it to the “theorem-element.” State needs to subordinate hydraulic force ==> prevent turbulence (----> Middle East =? distributed turbulence across a smooth space [<-- fucked up], [in smooth space:] vortical movement that can rise up at any point)
/matter --assigned-to--> content
/form --assigned-to--> expression
~= hylomorphic: implying both a form that organizes matter and a matter prepared for the form (=/= hydraulic) <== *a society divided into governors and governed*
--> State science (appropriates and transforms the elements of:)
=/= “nomadic science” (Homeland TV series suggesting US government is a nomadic science: viewpoint of affections + nomadic operation of rogue CIA operatives + presidential decentralized power dynamic)
--> in tune with the connection between content and expression, ***essentially laden with singularities*** (--> my lectures? an art, a technique, a science : following the connections between singularities of matter and traits of expression, they seize or determine singularities in the matter =/= constituting a general form)
=/= *chaotic science* (--> what kind of figure of engineer? @Sina)

*the problemata* --> vortices & projections [~~?--> chaotic imagination]
(projected into an abstract knowledge --?--> mapping knowledges)

Blickmaschinen gaze system visuality vision technique observer perspective situated knowledges positionality [source: Werner Nekes collection] State science --> Star Trek
imposes its form of Sovereignty on the inventinos of nomad sciencet

to administrate projections --> submit (war machine) to civil and metric rules that strictly limit, control, localize (nomad science)

“rhythm =/= turbulence”

cursing of a river*

Gothic conquered a smooth space --> the cutting of the stone (=/=? digital) + ‘plane of projection’: a plane limit, a series of successive approximations or placings-in-variations
=/= Romanesque remained striated space --> vault depends on the juxtaposition of parallel pillars

--D+G--> ***one does not represent, one engenders and traverses***
[*to engender: give you a baby from behind. *to traverse: zigzagging]
--democracy--> one represents visually
--Sina--> one suggests chaotically

roadways (well-centralized administration) =/= bridges (active, dynamic, collective experimentation)

lobby: a group with fluid contours, whose position is very ambiguous in relation to the State it wishes to influence

(for Ibn Khaldun:) war machine: families or lineages + esprit de corps

pouvoir (monopoly of an organic power) =/= puissance (a vortical body in a nomad space)

(to address the) vague = vagabond, nomadic, morphological essences (=/= ideal, royal, imperial essences) = haecceities
{for example the circle is an organic, ideal, fixed essence, but roundness is a vague and fluent essence, distinct both from the circle and things that are round (a vase, a wheel, a sun)}--> State is perpetually producing and reproducing ideal circles =/= war machine makes something round

Agnes drawings --> protogeometry
Agnes = drwaing and linking up smooth space

(is Finn in Adventure Time a man of State ot nomadic scientist? -->) journey-men's associations

nomadic <==form== masons, carpenters, smiths
labor <== regulating the movement of the flow of labor, assigning it channels and conduits, forming corporations, relying on forced manpower recruit

(plane of) consistency ~= composition =/= (place of) organization ~= formation

***everything is about the division of labor*** (--> this is the most critical about apass)

repress the nomad
repress the minor science
oppose vague essences (--> visa and integration)
operative geometry of the trait
=/= nomad imply a division of labor opposed to the norms of State

Steven: a dynamic connection between support and ornament =/= Alex's hylomorphic schema (the search for laws in extracting constants --> an invariable form for variables [for Alex: the invariable definition of artistic research for variable artists])

compars =/= dispars

(let's go) from matter-form --to--> material-force(= placing the variables themselves in a state of continous variation)
[Sina: let's go instead of thinking about ‘flow’ --to--> ‘force']
force (is full of):
equations “=”
adequations (change in the meaning of a term depending upon context)
inequations “=/=
differential equations (functions + derivatives --> useful for modeling and simulating physical phenomena) --> solution of a differential equation is a function =/= algebraic equations (solution of an algebraic equation is a value)

(distribution of matter in:)
space of pillars
striated by the fall of bodies
verticals of gravity
parallel layers

system cosmology hierarchy matter being planet Venus Mars Luna moon [source: Eudes Picard] quantitative and scientific oppsositions (such as: speed/slowness, quick/weighty, celeritas/gravitas)
=/= qualitative oppsositions
=/= mythological structures

(i am basically interested in the law of falling bodies)

(my lectures: an art of) following =/= flowing
-one never follows in order to reproduce
-in following, one is in search of singularities of a matter
(my whole work has been about the art of being carried away by the vortical flow of texts)--> [*]ajayeb ~= a vertical field across which singularities are scattered like so many accidents (i see them as ‘problems,’ and my job is to follow them)

global theory of waves

(Deleuze and Guattari romanticizing the royal science:) “reproducing implies the performance of a fixed point of view that is external to what is reproduced” (--no--> it is about saying what you say attached to a temporary fixed point [for example an identity], in order to be able to be proven wrong)

categorical apodictic apparatus
[category = intrinsic concepts]

content is (not?) always conformist (<-- Julia was never)

Alex: imperium of true thinking --> capture, seizure, binding, constituting the efficacy of a foundation (= myth) ==> [*]logos: sanction of a ground

modern state: *realized reason*, the rational and reasonable organization of a community
-what are the exchanges that take place between the State and reason
modern state reason --> “the more you obey, the more you will be master” (for you will be only obeying pure reason) --> philosophy assigned itself the role of ground

common sense: the unity of all faculties at center

(in the archaic model imperial State:) poet = image trainer =/= (toady's) artist: (Deleuzian) *private thinker* (making counterthought, destroy images) =/= public professor
-problem with private thinker is that it exaggerates interiority when it is a question of outside thought --> the question of how **to place the thought in an immediate relation with the outside, with the forces of the outside** (to make thought a war machine?)

(Alex in search of) maxim =/= aphorism (always awaits its meaning from a new external force, a final force that utilizes it) <-- my interest

(?which) image inspired by State apparatus

[*]method: the striated space of the cogitatio universalis ==> path (=/= bridge)

thought ~= vampire (has no image)

(in the smooth space of Zen) the arrow does not go from one point to another but is taken up at any point, to be sent to any other point, and tends to permute with the archer and the target (#my bow and arrow --> it takes no aim but hopes the arrow will stick somewhere)
-whenever a “thinker” shoots an arrow, there is a man of the State, a shadow or an image of a man of the State, that counsels and admonishes him, and wants to assign him a target or aim (#my bow and arrow joke @apass)

pathetic texts: thought becomes pathos (=/= logos =/= mythos)

(a lot of poetry today is like this:)
(an antidialogue between brother and sister:) one *speaks before knowing* while the other *relays before having understood*
--> the necessity of not having control over language ~ (Chloe:) the ne[...]