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[...]'s) curious pause to wonder *what analytic objects matter* in the singularity of a situation and what forms of writing and thinking might approach them****
-experimenting with forms of theory and writing that are responsive to the moving objects they are trying to trace or highlight or escape, or whatever --> #number of legs in ajayeb {
trying to describe what is happening in little animal moments, scenes
(the writers of ajayeb trying to) explore the intensity and plasticity of lived compositions--proliferating in their world
the senses sharpen on the surfaces of things taking form
a lived affect ==> pushing a present into a composition, an expressivity (--> ajayeb's body)
(a non-horizontal plane of) incommensurate elements hanging together in a compositional atmosphere =/= holding objects in abeyance تعليق in order to evaluate them as good or bad, or, asserting oppositions between material and representational things

[*]attunement: a generative, compositional worlding
-particular attunements can become habitual

-(in the atmospheric of my ajayeb) what is recognized as worthy and knowable object
-what are the links [sensory & affective] between (my) ajayeb's worlding and other worlding

{ migraine ---> house }--> (an acute) sensory attunement (to the atmospherics of the house)
migraine: “black-furred creature beginning to stir”

Foad's atmospheric attunements, responses to the environment
(fully sensory, at once abstract and concrete)*
a labor
a sentience to a world's work
ways of being in noise and light and space

intimacy with a world <----> world's imperative

*an imperative can:
catch you up
then deflate
leave you standing, a fish out of water

“the sentience of a situation is filled with tracks of labor and attunement--a dwelling in the expressivity of something coming into existence” (Stewart)

we take the world for what it's up to

[*]atmospheric attunement: actual affects of modes of living being brought into being; labor-intensive process that stretches across imaginaries
-the lived spaces and temporalities of:
down time
phantasmatic or unthinkable situations

--> rhythms of the present /*/*/*/*\

ajayeb reports of world:
-dense entanglement of affect, attention, the senses, and matter
(everything depends on these entanglements)

a condition
a pacing
a scene of absorption
a dream
a being abandoned by the world
a serial immersion in some little world you never knew was there until you got cancer
a dog
a child
a hankering
the next thing

(?how much ajayeb tells the stories of) unraveling of states of attending to what might be happening

not being able to sit still
being exhausted
being left behind
being ahead of the curve
being in history
being in a predicament مخمصه
being ready for something--anything

a life's trajectories traverse the materializations of scenes or pulsations

atmospheres have:

an atmospheric fill resonates the edge between the material and the potential

[my recording symptom in 2009 was an atmospheric (not symptomatic) attunement; constant recording; take on the texture and density of a background hum; to produce a felt; barely felt sense of something happening in the house;]
-my father disappearing into violent, abandoning drinking

every person is a nexus of compositional moments
a worlding taking place in difference

! Stewart talking about her stepson becoming a homeless
“People like to simplify the situation of homelessness as if it is a self-evident process of abject poverty without a safety net or as if it's just a matter of personal blame or failure. But it is also an attunement to a singular world's texture and shine. The body has to learn to play itself like a musical instrument in this world's compositions.” [@Luisa, Sven, Foad]

(i lack certain learnings in sensory labor of attuning as a zerang زرنگ person)

(do i also have) the habit of a worlding

trying to find the rhythm of a new bodily life

find lines of attachment

***to become describable as a body (by learning how to affect and to be affected in this world such as it is)***

(in my work on ajayeb i am becoming more and more committed to learn ways of) having stories meant to pull me into the sentience of the world i am in --> give it density, texture*

Stewart (2010) is writing an ajayebnameh of her mother in cancer, stepson becoming a homeless, and her hometown

firefly condensed precision prisma poesis cartography refraction [source: wikimedia] ______________

[*]regionality دهاتی ,داهاتی
-an event that jumps from landscape to bodies and back (Stewart)
--"here"-->{the blue law, the seasons, the color red, place names اسم خیابان [*the past snaps into the present with the recognition of the street names], bodily resonances, materialities bundled together like a sac of leaves, sharp-edged collectivities like race, ethnicity, class, gender, generation and religion, }--> “one ventures from home”
-a thing hollowed out by its labyrinth of edges; incessant interlinking
-a contact aesthetics
-a virtual mapping of things in a state of potential (Thrift)
-a sheer recognition of a sheer recognition: “we are from around here"-->{as *active survivors of the unexpected encounter and knowing readers of emergent situations*} (Roazan)
-turns spaces into animate envelopes that produce worlds (Sloterdijk)
-a form of worlding--an intimate, compositional process of dwelling that bears, gestures, gestates آبستن, worlds (Heidegger)
-the labored viscerality احشايى of being ‘in’ whatever's happening renders choices, aesthetics, surfaces and materialities *a part of something* (Stewart) ~~apass--> the sentience, of a worlding (lightened by soft scenes of the human condition [played out in:
forms of pleasure @Sina
weakness @Maarten
fun @Elen
humor @Eszter
acquiescence رضايت ,تن در دادن @Leo
self-deprecation اظهاربيميلى @Lili
the intimacy of قبيح دانستن deprecating others @Xiri
a bad but human habit @Aela
some wicked little sorcery @קݙ
-an attunement that takes form
-a milieu in which the mouth relaxes into a town accent (نواحی?)
-a disorientation in the face of what lies beyond (Janina)
-a love affair with light and color (Foad)
-uncurtained windows (my mother)
one recognizable entity with qualities
lived modalities
a history of its social production and uses
 {elements, scenes, encounters, }--they-->{sediment, accrue, circulate, unfold, go flat, }-->{saturate a situation, fly under radar, pull into alignment, fall out of sync, }--> “a regional aesthetic hardens into iconic scenes of living”

calling to eachother in an intimacy of jokes about the things that can happen in their world

the tone
the timing
the accent
the phrasing
the level of force
the purposefulness of the way that voice lives in light, with trees, in the potentiality of a laugh

consistency of a laugh or an edge

***when the muteness of things metamorphoses into an aesthetic phenomenon*** --> singularities incite it

(an actual physical shadow of a state of being)
sing of something amiss:

(my mother in Tehran:) a curtained house reduce the gestural economy of seeing and being seen to an occluded vision in which objects are dark, shadowy outlines with black cores, like a world seen through a ripe cataract آب مروارید -->(the house video project i did ‘city of domes’ 2008 was actually about that kind of attunement in my mother's house. i was committed t[...]