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[...]i am inscribed in them
(itineraries i am stuck with)
going to a place =/= embrace it as a site
--> always i have a resistance to where i am:
the ways we lose a sense of place --> displacement
the ways we experience livability through places
(has to do with my own broken/corrupt/fubar link with ancestry <-- only “your people” can show you how to imagine it, the center/home)

transportation --{traumatic & distruptive}--> transformation

time of surprise ==> nonanimal (udyr)
-nature-culture patchworks
-perspectival and performative
-contaminative and communicative
*fantastic and real vision*
-things that don't fit together, yet, there *are* together --> sym (=/= bifurcation) --> awkward relations & interrupting categories
schizophrenic relations to...
deconstruction of presence...

(for you there is also) ***many fantastically large set of contexts within which to say “yes”***

(Tsing's) *contaminated diversity* (complicated, ugly, humbling) [=/= ‘endangered species’ and cultures (innocent victims of human progress)]
-implicates survivors in histories of greed, damage, and destruction --> cacophony of troubled stories --might--> help to learn something about the cultural and natural histories at stake
-difficult to love and relate

joint organs {part plant, part fungus} interspecies phisiology ==> *mushroom*

*tumble: falll down as if collapsing (from upright position), thrown together (in mess, and very difficult to rewind)
=/= transcend
=/= entropy

bodies tumble into bodies --> monsters
histories tumble into histories --> ghosts
stories tumble into stories --> lures

(material lifeworld tumble into) forests tumble into fables tumble into politics tumble into ...

***dispersal & entanglement*** {
dispersal --> shattered, torn, broken, dispersed, made particulate, whisked away on the breeze (--> smoke, Urashima turning into particls, dud to cough with سرفه sorfe) [<-- Jassem and Mia] --> time is crossed out ويرانه
entanglement --> patchwork, care, weave, (together, reconnected, acknowledging care and entanglement) [<-- Kirsten] --> time of the hut کاشانه
} “&” --> ??? stories? reciprocal capture ==> immanent new modes of existing (in damage and loss) [<-- Sina] --> time (and things) are diffractivelly/differentially constituted

as humans we also have these qualities:
our plasticity
our ability to be affected
our ability to hybridize

(modern human activity, burning man insults ==>) [*]monsters: ajayeb-e wonders of symbiosis (threats of ecological disruption, multispecies entanglement)
(Tsing, a useful figure to think with ==>)
they help to pay attention to (ancient chimeric) entanglement
they point to monstrosity of man
they point toward life's symbiotic entanglement across bodies
monsters: nature suddenly unfamiliar (acting like udyr)

[*]ghosts: phantoms inside [your] (natural) history, layered temporalities of living and dying (==shape==> landscapes), creatures of ambivalent entanglement --> (help us read) *life's enmeshment in landscapes*

suffering from the ill of another species (or people):
bacteria inside (<== pollution, radiation)
people next door (<== war, politics)
}--> this is the condition of anthropocene entanglement

[productive horror of our civil performance--Kirsten, Sina, Jassem and Mia:]

temporalities of ruin, body, optics
                   |     |     |
       matrix of rage, lure, desire

rage (violently affective contact)
--> ghosts: [--> Jassem and Mia's performance ~ “big story"]
**histories tumbled into histories** (“ghosts” <== bad death <== settler colonialism + expansive capitalism --> they brought with them a peculiar kind of time: looking straight ahead to the future [==> optimization & salvation of a *single past*] --> ruthless ambition & [modernity's time:] metronomic synchrony 🕓)
animating feral and partial connections
remind us of an *impossible present* (that we live in)
* (embodied) contingency, asymmetry, indeterminacy *
hauntings (are not immaterial!) : presumptive absence (presumed in the absence)

--> monsters: [--> Kirsten's objects ~ small stories, little niches with ghostly contours (like a car's tire) ~ things growing in abundant]
**bodies tumbled into bodies** (“monsters” <== assets and wastes (animal entanglement with the burning man) <-- bad symbiosis)
* unspectacular afterlife of discarded things * (debris of capitalist waste)
weaving magical figures, conjuring fictions
constant speculation, that are fed and touched, reparative and tender
textured, formful, colorful
*lure: things that evoke or capture feelings and responses ==> to lure out relational responses

desire (superposition)
--> optics: (a form of distance) [--> Sina's stories ~ superposition [different scales] of dispersed times [~ unruly temporalities], multiple practice of knowing smallbig spacetime mattering]
**positions tumbled into positions** (tumbled into politics: some instruments of seeing producing perspectives are more guilty than others)
* (disembodied) multiple practices of knowing --> landscapes: arrangement of life and afterlife, space that grows from ‘endings’ <== ‘death of’(s) ~~> contaminated (stories/diversities)
--> diagram:
(Sina performing) diffractive optics of knowing ==> ongoing articulation [=/= perspective]

i shouldn't be talking, opening this
remembrance --> Bambi's mother studies {what if remembering is something totally different than “lost member"}
fox story --> animal trap:
perception {rhetorical perception, evil perception, etc.}
lure 🌀 can't stop following, trap: nearby-ness, becoming bodily, engaged in perspectival game and will ==> fox's relation to the forest [he is suspicious and rend =/= *lured into desiring & trusting* : we bring our lures and needs towards each other, (sometimes it is) critique is an art that tangles with what you are proposing, like fox in a lure (octopus is much better with lures than fox)]
abstractions --> (i love) ideas: to animate humans, erotic lure for soul ==> *metamorphic attention*
omen --> potent sign of alarm
evil {category crossing monsters [~= ajayeb's context of evil], force of liberation, beauty, complexity}
Ursula's sea (from little mermaid):
the way she says “yes” {multisensorial call “yes” and “more"}
her laughter {develish perception, perceptual joke, joy of corrupting her morality [~ her heroism: who the hero is and how to live happily ever after]}
fish-story --> aqua culture
Ursula La Guin --> Urashima story
finish with evil laughter

(follow the departure from ‘evil’ to ‘misunderstanding’ or ‘perspective’ in Disney's animated movies)

[according to *creation ancestral dreamings*(~ founding ancestors):] shape-shifter (are not only haunted, but also are) creators of biotic life, founders of kin groups (of humans and ghosts)

documentary history storytelling journey mind universe cartography [source: Cosmos (TV Series 2014)] ...................................

the wind (of...?) carries ghosts--signs of past ways of life still charged in the present ... stories of those winds as they blow over haunted landscapes ... ghosts are the traces of more-than-human histories through which ecologies are made and unmade
*haunted --> presence of past
*landscapes --> arrangement of living spaces
*ghosts --> disturb us in their indeterminacy

-cracked cement
-worlds have ended many times before @Jassem
-which ‘endings’ come with which ‘death of’?
a leaf
a city
a friendship
a small promise
a small story

***endings ==grow==> landscapes***

shadow biology

Jassem: make sami complicated

project's two categories:
nature --> perverse
culture --> endangered (--therefore?--> innocent, pure)

-sickened in home


شخصیت توصیفی --> descriptive? (drift in describing)