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[...] (that we live in)
* (embodied) contingency, asymmetry, indeterminacy *
hauntings (are not immaterial!) : presumptive absence (presumed in the absence)

--> monsters: [--> Kirsten's objects ~ small stories, little niches with ghostly contours (like a car's tire) ~ things growing in abundant]
**bodies tumbled into bodies** (“monsters” <== assets and wastes (animal entanglement with the burning man) <-- bad symbiosis)
* unspectacular afterlife of discarded things * (debris of capitalist waste)
weaving magical figures, conjuring fictions
constant speculation, that are fed and touched, reparative and tender
textured, formful, colorful
*lure: things that evoke or capture feelings and responses ==> to lure out relational responses

desire (superposition)
--> optics: (a form of distance) [--> Sina's stories ~ superposition [different scales] of dispersed times [~ unruly temporalities], multiple practice of knowing smallbig spacetime mattering]
**positions tumbled into positions** (tumbled into politics: some instruments of seeing producing perspectives are more guilty than others)
* (disembodied) multiple practices of knowing --> landscapes: arrangement of life and afterlife, space that grows from ‘endings’ <== ‘death of’(s) ~~> contaminated (stories/diversities)
--> diagram:
(Sina performing) diffractive optics of knowing ==> ongoing articulation [=/= perspective]

i shouldn't be talking, opening this
remembrance --> Bambi's mother studies {what if remembering is something totally different than “lost member"}
fox story --> animal trap:
perception {rhetorical perception, evil perception, etc.}
lure 🌀 can't stop following, trap: nearby-ness, becoming bodily, engaged in perspectival game and will ==> fox's relation to the forest [he is suspicious and rend =/= *lured into desiring & trusting* : we bring our lures and needs towards each other, (sometimes it is) critique is an art that tangles with what you are proposing, like fox in a lure (octopus is much better with lures than fox)]
abstractions --> (i love) ideas: to animate humans, erotic lure for soul ==> *metamorphic attention*
omen --> potent sign of alarm
evil {category crossing monsters [~= ajayeb's context of evil], force of liberation, beauty, complexity}
Ursula's sea (from little mermaid):
the way she says “yes” {multisensorial call “yes” and “more"}
her laughter {develish perception, perceptual joke, joy of corrupting her morality [~ her heroism: who the hero is and how to live happily ever after]}
fish-story --> aqua culture
Ursula La Guin --> Urashima story
finish with evil laughter

(follow the departure from ‘evil’ to ‘misunderstanding’ or ‘perspective’ in Disney's animated movies)

[according to *creation ancestral dreamings*(~ founding ancestors):] shape-shifter (are not only haunted, but also are) creators of biotic life, founders of kin groups (of humans and ghosts)

thunder stone rock fire transportation affect [source: Engraving by I.F.Schley of the drawing by Y.M.Felten. 1770 -] ...................................

the wind (of...?) carries ghosts--signs of past ways of life still charged in the present ... stories of those winds as they blow over haunted landscapes ... ghosts are the traces of more-than-human histories through which ecologies are made and unmade
*haunted --> presence of past
*landscapes --> arrangement of living spaces
*ghosts --> disturb us in their indeterminacy

-cracked cement
-worlds have ended many times before @Jassem
-which ‘endings’ come with which ‘death of’?
a leaf
a city
a friendship
a small promise
a small story

***endings ==grow==> landscapes***

shadow biology

Jassem: make sami complicated

project's two categories:
nature --> perverse
culture --> endangered (--therefore?--> innocent, pure)

-sickened in home


شخصیت توصیفی --> descriptive? (drift in describing)
شخصیت حاشیه‌ای --> digressive نامربوط  پرت, excursions superficial relevances, off the subject [=/= انحرافی]
شخصیت خود محور --> rotating along the axis of ego, tangled subjective schemas with objective reality, talking regardless of the listener [egoist: vampire without self-reflection =/= narcissistic personality]
شخصیت مقایسه‌ای --> comparing?
}=/= (always asking) how do you make a subject of conversation out of what you are concerned with --> make ‘your subjects’ into ‘subjects of conversation’ with others --> موضوع
غیر قابل حل کردن =/=
تفکیک کردن
(مطرح کردن به صورت که تکه تکه کرد)

[*]research: problem of entering a culture from outside

points of the lecture:
-a nano-expose
-of kicking off this...
-not dramatically pitched at you
-cartography of collapse and sublime
-coming down or crushing down the watching post
-(disclosures and) promises of frontier technology

ghosts of the project:
/poltergeist --> not really capable of knowing different things and different types of relations they are entered into, bad at perspectival communication
/Hamlet's father --> wanting you to remember ~= revenge
/Cinderella --> doesn't show any psychological symptoms (she has no psychology?), she is not the master of anything, not even her name
/ruin --> place of unsettled identities

questions of:
doom [=/= adjustment, management]: “contamination = end”
subject surging to bear an affect, subject who goes with the flow in an intoxicated moment
traumatic realism
(endangered ==>) survival: fighting for “your right against others”
less-than ideal livable collaborations

constructing interest (not that ‘you want to know’ --> historically crafted and naturalized modalities of “knowing more”)
contingent (~ lure, abstraction, fragile [--> they create interested bodies]) =/=? analytical [--> they create disembodied subjects]

[poem can do all of these:]
/proposition --> right/wrong declaratives
/exposition --> systematic explanation
/disposition --> affective orientation ~~> attitude ==> perspectives ==> selves

poet [=/= archivist] can be responsible for the ‘remainders’ --> good at greeting =/= traumatic realism

(1) traumatic realism
(real understood as traumatic:) “shock ==> subject”
a way of figuring that fails to bring the inflicting force (of real) into the symbolic order ==> mime, miming: you bring it into the present literally over and over (re-present)
(2) atmospheric attunement
a way of being in the noise
labor-intensive process that stretches across imaginaries [such as travel, house, haunt] --> responding to ” “
actual affects of modes of living brought into being
intimacy with a world [visiting families in Alta]
(3) phantom arm
social = present-absent” (=/= Star Trek's interculturalism) (=/= Lacan's subject: proper sense of absence and loss)
connectivity does not require physical contiguity
-force of piled-up phantom limps
-hum of the palce, dormant noise --> worlding of a place [<-- material and sensory labor of attending to it]
-hauntology =/= Archimedean certainty of presence --> a knowing consciousnes
-so, that lost arm/limb (original part of you) could have a chance of becoming companion species, and not a discarded phantom limb forever haunting the amputated you
(4) troubled stories
=/= clear-cut good stories about troubles
stories difficult to like:
dirty, guilty, survivalist udyr? the evil horse? (we need more description of the evil horse)
Cinderella --> (not) the master of your house, of your name, of you
-sometimes it is not you who makes you


--Morris--> ghost problem ----> possbility of a politcal form
contingent politicization and the accidental in the Southeast Asia

theatrical acts of civil disobedience
democracy protestors
conjure the spirits of those who have been killed
political vengeance