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[...]sation: ملقمه amalgamations made of movements and affects that shape the energetic relay between subjects and objects,, an intensity --that--> pressures us --feel--> our cohabitation --in--> a sensible environment --that--> opens outward (=/= simulation of our sensorys or nervous systems) ==> subject is *involved* into the sensuousness of being : *excitation of affect and desire within a sensuous environment ==generate==> substance of self*
percepts oringinating in environmental harmonization

tranimals invoke the social, affective, sensorial response-abilities of becoming and eating [<-- Hayward's affirmative poetics of trans- ----> Stewart's much more complex pattern of description]

Eocene mammalian selves self minor celestial impact world now time species storytelling [source: Esther van Hulsen] -my art work has been more about intensity + techne (= baroque?), than aesthetics ==> ([{when i make images} sharing] our) subjugation to sensation

( sensibility [ ... ) sensuousness ]
affect <--  sensation --> affect
   affect          affect
          affect affect   affect
        affect      ::{~body~}::

sensation --distribute--> affects & percepts (across bodies)

excitation (unleashes bodily organization at the site of contact) = zone of an *expressed threshold* =/= zone of contact

multispecies materialities --Grosz--> life folds over itself to embrace its contact with materiality

rabbit mammalizes light
glow: a dynamizing force ==> making matter more

Hayward: through [Alba's] glow, her artfulness, we are reminded that species are not just relationships, nor are species ever directly in relationship with other species, we are resonances and dissonances of intensification, energetic cadences of one another--a sensorial ensemble [<-- what marketing would say about this?]

space between scientific experimentation (biocultural) & domestic cohabitation (composition #Cinderella, pet) --evoke--> invisible labour of jellyfish, research on the proliferation and patterns of cancer cells and the sensation of somalumenality [Hayward's Alba]

(Anker > Hayward:) the chimera must be understood in a social context: these beasts have always reflected the social, scientific and religious circumstances <-- my project in zoological vandalism

(Hayward's neologism --> posthumanist repositioning of visuality) carnophallogocentric visual appetite
...glow (intensifying vision) drifts through the bodies of consumers

eating (ingesting and killing of) jellyfish usually takes the form of dried crisps sprinkled into salads and Chinese food

Cinderella's techne --> companion
Crusoe's techne --> human

-fictional kitchen where Cinderella works (and is not a master of)

[learning from] Cinderella (her room has been undone and remade by cohabitation with birds, mice, evil mother --> changing the self and adapting) ==> ontology: a practice of co-constitutive awareness

Alba --engineered--> to glow
pig --engineered--> to become sausage


bad affect
(bad environmentalism's) respond to mainstream environmentalism + questioning its broader ideals of nature
=/= conventional environmental affect

both identify & respond to the aforementioned absurdities and ironies, through absurdity and irony + related affects and sensibilities:
irreverence بى ادبى
frivolity هرزه
indecorum بى نزاکتى
sardonicism زهر خنده
glee شاد شاد

affects and sensibilities typically associated with environmentalism:
sentimentality احساساتى
reverence حرمت
sanctimony تقدس

that reverence is required for ethical relations to the nonhuman
that knowledge is key to fighting problems like climate change


jackdaw world learning fable story partridge future [source:] __al __ : __ affects and matter of __
(sensational X : Y affects and the matter of Z)

ocularcentric selves

(Hayward's) jellyfish: prismatically, their kinesthetic bling is registered visually and haptically, which draws our attention to the construction of their enclosure

expressively dense
rendered literal and material
light is of this world

to think diffractively = to apprehend a critical difference within

(the formation of a word from a sound associated with what is named -->) onomatopoetic: designed around the sensation of water

Hayward is drawn (to the Monterey Bay aquarium) ==> trying to sort out the poetics of their display
[they] furnish a simulation of the real thing, soliciting the sensation of unmediated encounter with marine worlds, they *act as sites of ecological hope* --Acampora--> *zooscopic: a totalizing view that conceals meaningful human-animal encounters at the price of reinvigorating anthropocentrism {=/=? zoological vandalism --> what would be an animal social media?}
[in zooscopic experience:] the very structure of the human-animal encounter is disrupted, and the interaction that is sought (encountering the animal) becomes impossibility as the “real” animals disappear and the conditions for seeings are undermined [<-- how telegram does that? if telegram animal media is zooscopic, then i say that is good for Tehran, for the “real” encounters are violent. the idea of “truely seeing animal” is metaphysics]

captivity ==> animal against themselves, “animal = qualified noun, adjectival” [=/= *ajayeb's wilderness* was articulated in a time before the modern zoo]
--Acampora--> zone of species contact mediated by an interruption that voids actual encounter
----> Sina: there has never been an “actual encounter”
----> Hayward: does face-to-face “seeing” matter for organisms of a radically different scale and for whom “eyes” are light receptors rather than picture makers?

-how can we see mediation as a dynamic of encounter, even an ethical one?
(captivity is always mediated)

captivity diffracted

*(telegram's) [*]encounter: sensuous rapport or energetic cadence*

aquariums engage a story of looking + deep roots in imperialism and the process of nation building --> aquarium: a stage of an unspoiled garden in nature, بوته hearth for learning human self from animal other + (clarification of) ontological and epistemological disorders of nature and culture [=/= Tsing's contaminated landscapes]
-18th century: the ocean was taboo, a place of great fear, a cursed world full of monsters lurking in shadowy fathoms, (waters: low and deep =/= air: domain of morality and aspiration, closer to heaven)
-19th century europe victorian glass *aqua vivarium* --> windows that interfaced between human sight and subaqueous scenes (the unknown provoked feelings of bot curiosity and apprehension)--Stott--> for the naturalist the marine or freshwater aquarium provided a constantly changing, glass-fronted theater of bizarre and exotic bodies, moving, metamorphosing, interacting and breeding in sensational ways
-aquariums became sacred spaces where cohabited forces of godliness and nature were contained, compartmentalized, and studied --> animal = metonymic of particularly nonhuman environments --> victorian sensibilities

(Darwinan trope...) monstrously minute, potent and parasitic, characterized by missing body parts

efforts to know, classify, and conquer the oceanic (--> capture for visual pleasure) ==> counter-conquest of the home by monsters and sexual deviants

the most prized organisms were “exotics” from non-european environments that fueled ongoing colonialism in the mode of animal husbandry

differences in display technologies
variations in viewer experience and perception
alterations in cross-species encounters
aquarium's promise of immediacy(?)

the rhetoric of animal domination is not the only discourse at work (in aquarium display, telegram, in ajayeb, in zoo, etc.)

Hayward's attention to the expressiveness of sensation, display technologie[...]