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[...]-> the twin-other: melancholia] [=/= when everyone is out to get you --> schizophrenic paranoid position]
...dealing with what we are left with, the reminiscence, die Reste, and so on
(Rousseauian, Heidegger also,) there is too much action, let's back off, let's retreat, let's listen to what the retreat is...
-retreat not as a military tactic, which means you are doing it in order to win something

---->[the story of writing]
within the artist world [artist as a creative being who inscribe on the world and in the world] (including apass) “writing” is internalized as the ‘bad object’
always considered secondary, excremental مدفوعى, the sign of something lacking: if you were in the real space of action, of being, you wouldn't need to write
-(for artists) writing distressed as an activity
-[the question remains] who holds the phallus? (in a converstaion and elsewhere) (=/= being open to being)
-taking dictations, an abjected position
writing is always linked to modalities of #retreat, evacuation, nonpresence
(am i associated with ecriture?) ==> being persecuted (on some level), there is something unbearable about the retreat ----> panic of the political
-let's inhabit an understander of retreat and what it involves, and, taking the responsibility of leaving your post. [we learn from what Kafka(‘s architecture of decision) surveils and marks for us > Avital --> where we are speaking/speeding from? and what is the architecture from which language emerges? is it a textual ventilator? or things are threatening to fixate?]

how Iran named its Iran-Iraq war? Défense sacrée, the Holy Defense, دفاع مقدس, (and many other names)
how did we “have” an experience---after the war? (much less an adventure or an adventurous encounter with history pumped up with meaning and sense-making and productive futurity)

to tabulate

ok, i am refering to things that don't come up as part of the master discourse, things that don't come up as something we can assimilate (جذب) or appropriate

towards the gaze --> a theatrical gesture : to see everything serenely (in quiet contemplation) --> to be (at last) free from the Gods

(those who believe that) there is only transcendence, (that transcendence is all there is)
(this is also the common mistake in reading Iranian old mystic literature)

cruel hallucinations

laws criss-cross the world

...for i am a slave of science

the chain of orders : the new is born of the old =/= angle (interrupts the stoic chain, the chain of cause and effect)

extermination and determination
laws of identity, repetition, and information-free
death at the end of entropy --> sequence of events (from the point of view of plague narrative --> the law is the plague + the reason is the fall [--> everything falls to zero])
the same ~=?! non-being

drops of knowledge

physics of the military*
sheets of atoms
well-ordered arranges
in columns
the learned science of the teachers
the structure of division
Heraclitean physics of war
chain of reason
the knowledge of ranks

(in nature?) animals are born from flows
animals born from fluid mechanics

the infinite cylinder of parallel consequences, trains of reason rain down in torrent:
contact space travel, doctor strange kick trip, lucy time travel, matrix clock scene
what is the analogy with the concrete model? In each case
what is the order of the world that is explained by visible phenomenon in each of these cinematic scenes?
The beginning of vortex

(what are?) models in ajayeb:
concretes, quasi-concretes, laws, equations,
vortices, turbulent clouds,
random dispersions,
flows, disequilibrias,
packs, alliances, conventions,
struggles with nature, alliances,
downhills, slopes,
content, norms, results,

the model and theory are both necessitarians
(how can this be explained materially?)

(what is the opposite of ‘people’?)

“physics”: the global contract (=/= global conflict; promise of physics), the general scheme of things (that scientists agree on)

flow did not follow (the general theorem of mechanics)

[@Sana] (why is it important) to describe flow in all its concrete complexity (--> Freud describes psychological flow in his work on libido)
----> formation of living systems

#the mindful stochastic knowledge of phenomenas#

Sohrevardi's work on the soul out of the tangible realm
(if your house or town is on an ocean the chosen model is a fluid one =/= polyhedron crystal) --> how would Sohrevardi choose a model? What would he think of fluid systems? [--> The Solids of...]
what are his rigorous bodies?

in Sohrevardi the *order* is of the ...[?] {of the world? Of the street? Of the code? Laboratory? Of the operative? Civil? Logical? Social? Scholastic?

more phenomenological ~=?(&?) less measured
(the river of phenomena is physics)

they put (ajayeb's) nature outside nature, (placing it in the subject, and so on)
which facts “are” the foundation of materialism?
-(the idea they says) classical knowledge deserves classical philosophy

(#?%$@x*!!!---->) if there are monsters here, go elsewhere(!)

what? / how? --> by contract or by strategy?

the ‘question’ is always consequential, never naive or frivolous

we need? workers (=/= generals)
we need? contracts (=/= strategy)
(how can i understand my “strategies” and my “contracts” ?! contractual agreements that i use or depend on or produce in my research and work with ajayeb, and in relation to the others in my performances--{my vocabulary, thinking with me, (un)learning with me, etc}--and even prior to the event of our encouter, the binding transferential contract in relation to the one who speaks) ~~--> (and issuing its) betrayal
strategy --(always? [should?] ends with)-->? contract; (for example, making peace treaty after war)

{*strategy, “art of generals,” from French stratégie, from Greek strategia “office or command of a general,” from strategos “general,” from stratos “multitude, army, expedition,” literally “that which is spread out” (--> “structure”) + agos “leader,” from agein “to lead” (--> “act”).}


***science is conditioned but unconditional***
(Serres:) science is conditioned by postulates or by decisions that are generally social, cultural, or historical in nature, which form it and orient it
--(nevertheless)--> sci is universal and free from contract #science-story
“I can't think of a mountain, a border, or a date which makes the agreement of scientists and everyone else relative on these points.”
-they say sci is conditioned but not determined

conditions that do not determine the contents of what they condition
but they determine the map of what they condition : the schema of its relations --> the topology of science; the clay remains the same but the shape changes

Fluid Mechanics can be a basis for biology (--> constitution of living being) or for a technology of the inert (--> theory of ship building).

Education is conducted by duce

cosmology world [source:] method ~=? path

strategy is not only a form of dynamics or energetics but first of all a topology*

the master pays no attention to the content

murder (increases) along the chain

...if one is the master of justice
freed from violence, he goes forward unnamed
-against the mechanisms of Mars (or moon) , we now let things to come to being as objects, outside the mechanisms that regulate our unregulated violence
-sacred forms a field of knowledge --of-->{intersubjective & polemical relationship}

first, sacred is located elsewhere, placed outside the world, then Nature is born objectively --> in the new contract, the exact word can be spoken
...but a new crisis make it start over again
-the sacred is formed by (this) catastrophic and repetitive dynamic

ruse (kalak کلک, che kalake khubi چه کلک خوبی): the “laws” of nature a projection of a (usually political) constitution on the world; to give a s[...]