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[...]ust (from depiction by monks in medieval times to teach moral fables to the public)

performance of a textual sex change operation

(monotonality) monovisuality of the dominant visual message

logocentric: a transcendental signified to which the text refers

Plato's powerful attack on writing as “dead speech”: Socrates and Phaedrus walk in the countryside. Socrates recounts to him a myth about the origin of writing: the king Thamus is presented with a present from his son Theus; the gift of writing. Theus tells his father that the gift will make his people wise as it will improve their memory ----> Derrida shows that in the same argument Socrates goes on to describe speech as another sort of writing; he actually uses a writing metaphor to describe the “true nature” of speech “not merely as a knowing, living, animate discourse, but as an inscription of truth in the soul”

deconstruction =/= re-interpretation
     |                    |
impossible +          providing a
plausible story       different story

deconstructive reading (idiosyncratic to the text) ==offer==> multiple & contradictory potential meanings to the text

Derridean approach to meaning making:
~= it requires us to *deconstruct the deconstruction* --> *work against meaning and interpretation*

name of man: (the name of that being who throughout the entire history has dreamed of full presence = the reassuring foundation, the origin =/= play)

[my fable workshop was about this -->] Derridean deconstruction of images -->
drawing attention to the way image constructs itself in order to implicitly represent a single history (=/= seeking to tell the truth about what X means)
keeping alive the contradictions within it (=/= solutionizing)

(?how to deconstruct [iamges of]) nanotechnology: practice of manipulating all types of living and non-living matter at its atomic level
corporations portraying nanotechnology as a positive and legitimate force (+ visually close down the possible meanings of its products) = Iron Man
nanospace: planetary bodies afloat in the darkenss of intergalactic space
fantastical unserious endeavour

([what is?] my problem with) message شعاری

**advertisement ==> confuse agency & ownership**

the fantastic is rescued by the human (face)

(in advertisement -->) **the ways in which knowledge & reality are marshalled into collective visual consensus**

visual deconstruction --> rigor towards the idiosyncrasy and singularity of any text

restricted economy of the text ==> particular meaning =/= Derrida: moveing from a restricted --to--> general economy of the text


metaphysics: enterprise of returning (strategically, ideally) to an origin (a priority) thought to be simple, intact, normal, pure, standard, self-identical [=/= to think in terms of derivation, complication, deterioration, accident]
<--Derrida-- (the most constant profound potent metaphysical gesture in Western philosophy:) conceiving simple before the complex, essential before the accidental
}--> logocentric thought: thought which does not adequately attend to the contradictions inherent in its own medium ==> [logocentrism:] (fable) faith in the status of language as a lucid carrier of meaning (=/= attentiveness to the materiality of communication and the implications of such a project)

Wunderkammer exhibition collection environment writing [source: Alison and Peter Smithson et al., Parallel of Life and Art] pecific languages make communication material, and exploring the interplay of terms within a linguistic system (-->? baroque) =/= Enlightenment = Age of Reason (logos)


Beauty and the Beast
or, blast of the clean slate

(goddamn it)

The picture of a relatively undifferentiated and continuous topological space undergoing discontinuous transitions and progressively acquiring detail until it condenses into the measurable and divisible metric space which we inhabit, is a powerful metaphor for the cosmic genesis of spatial structure. (Intensive Science & Virtual Philosophy)

baroque Trauerspiel, classical synthesis, ...
synthesis: synthetic thinking (the combination of ideas into a complex whole)
this is not a reasoning exercise (deducing particularity, etc.)

imagine you find a head. how do you search for the body? (research project)

graduating from ... and approaching ...
(from fairy tale ---> approach myth)

becoming Amazon as the fear of the male.
(Amazon as male hunter symbol)

(symbol for) masculine gender principle
(to disavow sexual difference)

I am not bringing the text to you, or you to the text.
as you have already guessed we have to destroy both the notion of text and you, to some extent, in order to permit a reading to constitutes itself.

is San'an a prince charming?
(let's examine)

the spiritually established death-birth (death of birth and birth of death) at the end of story

Miyazaki's faceless monster (in Spirited Away 千と千尋の神隠し), with his flexible plasticity, has an issue with appearance. he goes from loneliness, to love, to greed, and finally becomes a student body. he has great agency in the beginning and docile in the end, [اسیر صورت --?--> اسیر معنی]

San'an is determined to see it through, the whole process

the German super-ego
the German ego
to carefully inject some of German super-ego to the Iranian ego

(for Anastasia) what is the next war?

(to the audience:) you should feel free to make notes, because I am making notes while you are talking, and these kind of lectures I am doing are the process of those note-makings.
I like to interrupt you. the performance is itself an interruption of you, like when we say in a conversation “may I interrupt you” your pace, your velocity, your speech-acts, etc.

what is being ‘interested’ in the history of illusion?

in your process in becoming woman, you might end up becoming a female robot.
(Tarsaa's part)
whose testicles are smashed here?
to the less molested .... (body of the pupil)

human preparedness for inter-relations with technology and technologization

***test some failures

a different brand of anxiety (?)

walking on groundlessness, literature, house of literature?

protest against “was”

give literature in its totality

initiate a program

we don't love our selves nor our neighbors

San'an, when he thinks he is getting close, he has abysses he has to clear

which language the house speaks? or which language German speaks?

house of literature, house is the site of kinship too.
if literature is like a house at all

unreadable algorithm of encounter


I hope we can get along famously

my work has been really about old forms in the city, how should we build,
packaging (packaging existing knowledge, the way for example the IT industry does it.)
am I against packaging?

rationalizing and separating functions in the city

place, space, face,

in the history, the leg-less-stone and the lying-visage have been together. a study of apparition must include the physical material as well, not as counterparts, rather as its play-mate.


the structure of space in San'an poetry

distinction between subject and object, between signifier and signified, encompassing the whole of dualistic logic through its branching patterns, through its definitions of set pathways between root and branch.

the Arborescent model of relationships in San'an story?

The rhizome likewise resists structures of domination, such as the notion of “the mother tongue” in linguistics, though it does admit to ongoing cycles of what Deleuze refers to as “deterritorializing” and “reterritorializing” moments.<[...]