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[...]sweethearts! This is what love is, what pain does is this.

technology machinery hall rocket cabinet wonder wunder transportation poetry religion [source: Hall of the Rocket Machinery at Tsiolkovsky State Museum of the History of Cosmonautics in Kaluga -] Companions---to console him---were gathered that night. He cried.
@The companions said to him: “Apply skip to this obsession!”
@Sheikh said to them, “Tonight is liver blood!” he continued, “I washed a hundred times while unaware of it.”
@Where the other one said, “Tasbih! (تسبیح) When was that you worked right without Tasbih!”
@Sheikh said, “I closed up on The Round of Tasbih.”
@The other one said, “If you go wrong, repent!”

@“I had repent of:
the honor of Sheikhness
the honor of present
the honor of impossible.”
@Another one said, “Knower of secrets, jump and pull your selves together behind the prayer!”
@Told the journalists, “The altar, to be anything other than my prayer!”
@The other in a long saddle he said, “Reach in privacy and worshiped God now!”
@“If my idol were here, would be beautiful to bow down before him.” said Sheikh.
@Another one asked him, “Do you not penance Islamic is a breath of pain?!”
@Said, “One regret is that I was not previously so in love.”
@Another one said to him “That is the way of duty. The heart suddenly shots up.”
@“If she told that way--Tough-Talk--because of his chest and beautiful.” He answered.
@Another one said to him “Whom became aware of that old would says it was misled in this way.”
@“I said the very name of the pretender; Glass tooooo the Stone!!”
@Another one said to him that “old friends, you left half of the heart.”
@He said that “since Tarsaa was a good kid, heart suffered from this and not ignored it.”
@Another one said to him that “to make friends, tonight we open up towards the Ka'ba.”
(**If the Ka'ba was not told sooner.)
@“My Ka'ba in late sober drunk...”
@Said another one, “This time a determined way, in temples I sit and beg my pardon.”
@The journalist said on its doorstep, “it is Will's apologize that hurts me.”
@Another one said to him “that hell is intercepted. Man is hell!”
@“If Hell is the way,” I said it, “Seven of Hell, burn me a sigh!”
@Another one said to him “that the hope of heaven? Go back and repeat saddle evil!”
@Said the man, “Is a paradise on now?! (of course!) - it is paradise this dormitory.” (--> Naaaareh)
@Another said to him that “the shame of the right with God?!”
@Said, “The fire in my right.”
@“That is...” another one resident said to him “Go! Open a believe that is believing!”
@“But I wonder blasphemy!” replied Sheikh, “Faith disbelieves faith.”

Because he did not speak work, that was the end of treatment.
Woman wave the curtain hearts blood-glucose.
What comes to your meeting unfolds... Leave days, with golden shield. Hinduism night to cast the razor head. Proud the other day. It was like a sea of light absorbing Fountain Creek.
Sheikh quiet in alley of the building, working with street dogs. Stayed on the ground and sat released. Such was the-hair-in-the-mouth. Finished up closeness day and night in his dormitory.
He waited for the sun.
Became ill.
(Soil was the idol bed in his dormitory.)

*The girl was aware of love.
Made a journalist of herself, “What patrol!” said Sheikh restless, who have drunk of the wine of idolatry.
christians meeting in dormitories.
Sheikh confessed to the Other, “Each blow brought a frenzy.” Sheikh asked him, “Do you see the tongue? Therefore stolen heart? Open heart or make me! I need perspective! Several prayers!”
Cute and proud of the passage: a stranger loved and followed.
“John commands thee, although you will still die of lips.” “...of lips and my losses and profits.” Kuwait was the destination and to me. Do not twist the hair in shit! The shit in my eyes is not drunk.
(Heart on fire, seen as clouds from the top:)
“Without you, my lifeworld begs the center of you. Like rain that clouds the eye, without you, I eye the eye. Devil has seen the stay in mourning, the sighting of view—grief remains.”
I saw there was not one inch. I did not like the blood of the wine on the lives of the poor man.
He kicked several men's conquests. I refuse waiting time.
There was **the time of start-stop**. Each night, the ambush of my life. John played on your campus.
Power is on the ground, my life.
I survive rates of cheap dirt.
“Some moan on power, in the opener, but I blow to the self-confidant ‘now.’”
Sunny---from as far away as you think. Although such Sheikh of anxiety jammed in the sun.

Gordon went under to earn some. Yes, it is lost, from the head down.
I burned the ground. Fire burned the universal soul.
Flowers left at the foot of your love. Your enthusiasm on the left hand. The dream of my life: a few more of you, hides from me.
Said the girl from the age of idiocy, “Construction camphor and shroud now!” Because not attuned to cuff?
“Patrol, not going to the game?! In determination I am better than you! When will you find the kingdom?! Because you will not find bread.”
Sheikh said to him “tell another hundred thousand. I do not work but with your grief.”
Lover, young or old, impact on every heart that will love her.
if you are the women, you must have four cards:
1. false prostrates before idols
2. burn into Qur'an
3. see drinking-alcohol
4. observe the faith
(Sheikh's speech got possession of alcohol)
And the other three? I do not know.
What is this that you said to The Other/Girl?---Hands should be washed of parcels of Islam?
He did not paint his sweetheart. He does not love a flavor more than her's. Sheikh said to him that “if I command petty lives the circle of hair on throat...” Said, “Rise and come and drink wine!” Like to drink wine?--Come in roaring!

They took Sheikh to the late magi (a pre-Zoroastrian form of priesthood) as disciples came in screaming...
“Fire!” “Love him!” “Take the water!” etc.
(Tarsaa takes over this time, and did not mind a bit of intelligence, off the tail.)
Following his assistant, drinking, and the use of their work---because there was a wine, love, and sweetheart---it was one hundred thousand. Sheikh saw tooth as the opponent. Pomegranate Sheikh see his smiling trick, fire of passion in his life. Flood bloody hand. The will of the winds and writing.
The circle of her hair in his ears.
Notes of proximity hundred ballads in religion.
Professor was too much memorizing the Qur'an. He went on to claim he was bragging--recalled from *memory--the reasons that wine pumped away, Khomr (خمر), whatever that means. Clean slate blasted his conscience--Love the Beast! The general went to be cleared.
Sheikh, because he was drunk, not forced to love, he was a passionate kind of sea of life.
I saw these in the hands of the drunk fetish.
-Because of the Sheikh, hearts and hands could eat*
Until then that suddenly he asked her neck --> “Oh man! Claimed in love, not meaningful, only if you love walking on hard assets, religion bending the hair of assets, such Zolf (زلف) does not walk in disbelievers. Love do not come lightly.”
Bless was not compatible with Love. Love makes retention (حافظه) blasphemy.
“If you follow me, you're unbeliever. With my hand on my neck. Will not hang around here, you follow?!”
Sheikh's love have happened to have no enoughs. It happens to be the heart of neglect.
He was drunk at the time. A breath of her head did not exist intoxicated. The foot and the hand could not implement themselves and exposed him: a person—he was a christian.
(Operating harvest, very old, bewildered as Sheikh's compass.)
(The old and young love. Who can be present?)
-----It followed the devastation of lost and drunk. Drunk, and was gone because of lost love. I call that skilled impatient. What do you want me to say?! The pagan consciousness burn the Qur'an's idol, drunk drunk!?
Said his girl “this time, my man! Previously you were raw in love, with wishing patrols; now baked well as a goat, done!”

The news came close to christians, that ‘Sheikh took his soul!’ may he rest in peace.
*The late Sheikh* was drunk-around and was then said to be around the squares. Fire knocked at the door and was working on. ***Heart released the religion itself.*** Ka'ba not to mentioned to the Sheikh; (after several years of good faith.) christian girl will love his work.
It was not conscious pagan.
So looked drunk, drunk worshiped idols. Enough! Center of Khomr! People who leave [...]