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[...]communicates with
integrates with

communication (of secret) --?--> adaptation, propagation

saber =/= sword

the flow of matter-movement
conveying singularities and traints of expression

assemblage --differentiates--> phyla (major taxonomic class) ~= flow ==> division into many different phylas + introducing selective discontinuities

technology war design techne episteme geometry linearity perspective architecture instrument device [source: Joost Bürgi in Heilbron, technological vitalism

*refract differentiates*, retains, selects, draws together, causes to converge, invents

region of vague and material essences --> essences that are vagabond yet rigorous ==> situate fuzzy aggregates =/= fixed distinct and formed essences

corporeality = formed and perceived thinghood
inseparable from processes of transformation
inseparable from expressive qualities

vague = intermediary --> autonomous, stretching itself between things and thoughts --establish--> new relations (--> this is what Manning has adopted from Deleuze and Guattari)

variable intense affects

topological =/= geometrical

hylomorphic model =/= active and affective... (matter-flow can only be followed)
hylomorphic: imposing a form upon matter =/= materiality possessing a nomos : material traits of expression constituting affects (for example surrendering to the wood, then following where it leads by connecting operations to a materiality...)
-the critique of the hylomorphic schema is based on the existence between form and matter, of a zone of medium and intermediary dimension, of energetic... [and what about digital technology?]--> we need more artisan (follows the matter) =/= artist (invents/breaks the matter)
*artisan* --> one who is determined in such a way as to follow a flow of matter, of *machinic phylum* (@OSP, for example metallurgist = one who works inside the mold, the consciousness of thought of the matter-flow + metal the correlate of this consciousness)
[follow a flow of matter = to itinerate, to ambulate]
artisan =/= farmer
artisan =/= animal raiser
[*]artisan: take up craft activity + follow the matter-flow as pure productivity

continous development of form, chromaticism --> a form proper to matter [-->? not in middle east: metaphysics --> metallurgist =/= metamorphosist poet --> chaotic =/= harmonic, nomadic]

not everything is metal, but metal is everywhere (--> what would X-Men say about this)

--D+G--> *thought is born more from metal than from stone*(!!)
metallurgy is minor science, vague science, phenomenology of matter

metal is neither a thing not an organism, but a *body without organs*
(on the symbolic value of metal and its correspondence with an organic soul but on the immanent power of corporeality)

smiths (Sina, OSP?)
their space is neither the striated space of the sedentary nor the smooth space of the nomad (--> my room and computer desktop) --> #tent, in the manner of a cave or a hole
--> *they are cave dwellers not by nature by by artistry and need*
internal itinerancy, their vague essences ==> their relation to others
--> *smith* [follows the flow of matter ==> (surplus value:) ‘resist the State’, Tamar Yaen Pierre Sina Goda]
=/= *migrant* [existence depends upon and constrained by the logic of the State (with its boundaries and borders) ==> (surplus value:) ‘residual gold in the ruins’, Hoda Sana Rui Flavio Quinsy Elen]
=/= *nomad* [occupies and inhabits smooth space beyond or bellow the State ==> (surplus value:) ‘alternative’, Deborah Xiri Leo Isabel Aela Agnes]
=/= *pastoral transhuman* [rotates through a circuit ==> (surplus value:) ‘erotic inclusivity']

vital forms of nonorganic life

your strength and your nothingness

stone human geology intensification matter flow catalog [source: Gall stones | Walz Elektronik] transpierce =/= scaling
excavate =/= striating

...vagabond sign of itinerancy سيارى

from hole to hole
a line of variation

***the hybrid metallurgist, a weapon- and toolmaker, communicates with the sedentaries and with the nomads at the same time***

--connected-to--> nomad space
--conjugates-with--> sedentary space

(we have both:)
*war machine*:
*state apparatus*:
capture phylum
play the lines of flight
into code
into form

war machine collides with States and cities (forces of striation) ==> war

Deleuze and Guattari ask:
-how will the State appropriate the war machine?
(appropriate: subordinates it to its political aims)

from encasement قفسه --to--> (forms of) appropriation تصاحب

Genghis Khan and his followers were able to hold out for a long time by partially integrating themselves into the conquered empires, while at the same time maintaining a smooth space on the steppes to which the imperial centers were subordinated

Timur who constructed a fantastic war machine turned back against the nomads, but who, by that very fact, was obliged to erect a State apparatus all the heavier and more unproductive since it existed only as the empty form of appropriation of that machine

the peace of terror or survival
-the postfascist figure that takes peace as its object directly
-we have seen war machine assign its objective a peace still more terrifying than fascist death
*the unspecified enemy* we have seen it put its counterguerrilla elements into place

two poles of war machine:
1. it takes war for its object and forms a line of destruction prolongable to the limits of the universe
2. when it, with infinitely lower qualities, has as its object not war but the drawing of a *creative line of flight* (the composition of a smooth space and of the movement of people in that space)

an ideological, scientific, or artistic movement can be a potential war machine, to the precise extent to which it draws, in relation to aphylum, a plane of consistency, a creative line of flight, a smooth space of displacement



Daston history of reason
Daston asking: how reason became rationality?

rationality (~= universal calculus of) =/= reasoning

(a more) ancient ideal --> reasoning [with recourse to the faculty of judgement]
modern ideal --> (cold war) rationality: a finite well-defined set of rules that can be applied unambiguously in specified settings without recourse to the faculty of judgement

cold war: crystalline + generality + conclusivess could cope with a world on the brink
--> algorithmic rules as the core of rationality
--> sacrifice of [precious to philosophers] ‘insight’ and ‘understanding’ ascpects of reason
--> automatic: you don't need to understand them to execute them

*the posiblity of a mechanical mind*

Turing's [*]programming: constructing instruction tables

(1794 early French revolution) universal school for future French citizen with arithmetic [3 + 4 = 7] at its core --teach-> “exactitude of the mind” --> children are going to learn:
the meaning of self evidence [of arithmetic propositions]
the meaning of justified belief
formation of ideas
}--foundation--> quanitative science of a human realm

first reliable calculator --> 1850

rationality عقلانيت
history of ever more sophisticated mechanical computers
how rules themselves became increasingly identified with algorithms
how algorithms became increasingly identified with mindlessness

Kant --> science as mechanical skill that can be mastered by diligence and determinate rules
tacit knowledge: a manul labor [styles of knowing] that cannot be captured by algorithms

---> go to Encyclopedie (Diderot)...

deskilling calculation ==> economic rationality (economic rationalization): you take the task, decompose it into simplest possible steps, you divide the labor, you hire the least skilled and cheapest labor possible ==Babbage==> increase the efficiency and the costs

game theory
rational choice theory

(memory + understanding + judgement + imagination)
*judgement (Daston) and imagination (Sina) are integra[...]