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[...]r for concepts to have meaning (?)*
my Rigs and books are about how discursive practices are related to material phenomena

(*)reading: “text” is the interface between the matrialization of “reality” and subjectivation of “reader” --> inseparability of language and reality in ajayeb
(“We are suspended in language in such a way that we cannot say what is up and what is down, The word ‘reality’ is also a word, a word which we must learn to use correctly.” Petersen < Barad)

ajayeb's iterative processes of materialization

عجایب نامه =/= imagined and idealized human-independent reality
ajayeb's stories of historically nunhuman people

in ajayeb's descriptive intra-actions with reality, humans and language are part of the configuaration or ongoing reconfiguring of the world, that is phenomena

we cannot so easily answer where the apparatus “ends”

(but again, how can I answer) which ontological practices are embodied (or embeded) in (the productive and constraining dimension of regulatory) apparatuses of my ajayeb? (rigs, hypertext, pop-up, etc.)
(resisting the anti-metaphysics legacy) how can I keep insisting on accountability for the particular exclusions that are enacted in (my) ajayeb and taking up the responsibility to perpetually contest and rework the boundries (of my objectivities)?

(*)effect: marks left on the agencies of observation

enacted =/= having
(agency is the matter of enactment not something that one ‘has’)

(*)disarticulation: the question of who/what gets to be imagined (and in which way)

(Barad's sentences are long in a way for the reader to feel all those particular words in one breath)

(in medical practices) the machine becomes the interface between the objectification of the spacific body under experience (for example the fetus) and subjectivation of the technician, physicianm engineer, and scientist.

...some ontologies:
classical realist: posit some fixed notion of being that is prior to signification
Kantian transcendentalism: being completely inaccessible to language
linguistic monism: being completely of language
Baradian agential realism: phenomena are constitutive of reality


kinetic, energies expressed in variables

integrated definitions:
movements of an isolated body
in detachment with the rest of the world
linear function of time
all energy is kinetic
value of “potential energy” is zero


metallurgy concerns matter in movement


what about the 3D hacker? what is in flow?

form is ever-emergent =/= pre-determined -->? default

[Alberti on northwest Argentina first millennium ceramic vessels:] potters’ bodies were shaped irrevocably by their skilled practice
objects they made were never complete ==> they were aligned with others’ concerns ==> they were drawn into potters’ social identities --> into the category of potter

*skill and ontoloical risk [--> question at CG artist]
-becoming subject to the processes they are involved in --(this commitment)--> involves them in both the task and its ongoing material consequence

ajayeb mountain earth pit Sina wonder mother matter horizon name people distance [source: scan from Qaswini's Ajayeb al Makhlughat] skilled practices situated as the mediator between one realm and the other =/= (in Amazonia) where natural and cultural processes are not distinguished in the same way, skill is conceived far more broadly and is not an exclusively human capacity
(for Kuna) [*]skill: a mark of the maker's openness to alterity, learned in dreams from animals that lost the ability to perform those activities in mythic times, it not only acts upon surfaces or moulds forms; it also transfers qualities

skill matters (=/= gauge of technical action applied to raw material--like the case of The Magicians)

hackers and potters
(potters’ identities were vulnerable, how about hackers after a millennium?)

CG artist's intervensions in 3D materials (concidered active)

(we are living in) an inconstant world in which materials (including computers?) were lively and equally capable of subjectivity

(conventionally conceived) polygon modeling: reproducing, or representing a mental image of a completed body-pot

*?how CG artist can learn, like La Candelaria potters ****to take part in an aesthetics of care that is also a response to the threat of the inconstancy of all forms****, responding to perturbations in the movement of materials, to include knowledge of its inconstancy and of materials always capable of subjectivity
(this is significant for my research on ajayeb, due to the ways iranian culture is attracted to the image, and my self to CG and digital form making)

my relationship with the digital (articulated with Alberti:) that body-polys (body-pots) are ambivalent responses to the threat of inconstancy in a world wherein forms (like statues of myrtle) were only ever apparent --> each making of a body-poly (or pot) is a performance and an improvisation, unscripted and therefore cab go wronge
[Alberti + Budden + Sofaer + Ingold + Hallam]

3D model = partial subject


in Maya particles are as little ping-pong balls ----> relativity theory destroyed the idea of consistent objects
--> extreme forms of realism

Hitchcock's vertigo effect --> a tool i built years ago:
simultaneously zooming and pulling away : we apear to be in the same place, yet the place seems to distort beyond our control ==reestablishing==> the way we experience “here”
the vertigo tool doens't do away with human experience, it drastically modifies it in a dizzing manner
--> a dangerous knowledge zoom lens tool, a vertiginous antirealist/antiliteral abyss (=/=? irony device ==> presenting us with intimacy with existing nonhumans)



Nicole Archer: ‘textile’: a material formed at the intersections of desire and modern politics
textile's ‘textility' = texture
textile's ‘textuality' = readability

to be prepared to address relations consistencies ==> (hope to) meaningfully reform them

*(Archer lingering in the textile's volatile gum) to develop forms of critique that can account for the peculiar textiles ‘we’ are currently wrapped-up in* [globalized economies, militarized laboratories, etc. (BioSteel and so on)]

text +/& textile
in metaphor: the social fabric, the Internet, the Fold, etc.
in myth: Arachne's textiles, or Penelope's epic loom
}---->? to account for neo-liberal and transgenic subjects

(traditionally:) textile (racialized and gendered, as “woman's work”) “=/=” text

*fabric conditions and binds our desires and bodies ---@Janina

(Archer >) Gernreich exposed how the fashion system instrumentalized the body's desire to move” while inscribing it within the time-signatures of modern capitalism

uniform = contemporary fashion's other

digi-camo (redesigned and digitally remixed camouflage fatigues worn by the US military)

desire for “freedom” and for alternative temporalities + desire for discipline and physical restraint
}--> *tight spaces our desires are prone to work themselves into*

textures and taxonomies of fashion and uniformity

Abu Ghraib --> (in the pursuit of a) perverse desire for justice (a desire that many feel is best met in the violent erasure of certain subjects)

(let's) stop pretending that “we” weren't already caught-up in the messy circuits of desire

[...]Freud's figure of the woman who has nothing better to do than but braid her pubic hair into a futile simulation of the phallus, and who (interestingly enough) accidentally invents weaving as an outcome of this inherently fetishistic gesture” (Archer > Barthes > Freud)

Gernreich working with “the future” as a medium and not as a destination***
-he was keen to work with fashion as a ‘time-based medium’(~ deliver us onto alternative temporalities)

[*]fashion: a distinctly modern clothing regime engineered to materially manipulate “the past” so it[...]