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[...]br /> ajayeb: collected (unnamed but palpable) things like mineable resources and shiny afterthoughts

پس انديشه


[*]perspective: (an attending, enduring presence, a compositional node,) perspectival agency in which things jump into relation but remain unglued*** (Stewart)

...across a field of subjects-objects-bodies-trajectories-affects

realm of killed off things

new figures i am learning from Stewart's
“throwing together”
“manner of”

(in ajayeb) the whale: throwing together of the phenomena of fish and water, sailing, mood, atmosphere, and sensory charge

*ajayeb's descriptive apparauses: a mutating realism of a certain vision of light meeting movement

[*]ajayeb: things that were once named, perhaps written down, (differently than now,) through some kind of trickery (called citation,) and then metastasized (spread throughout a body) into circulation (readings, translations, etc.) are raised, incised, made singular and charged
ajayeb's stories/reports ~= forms of co-recognition, something witnessed that gets cooked down into something saucy***
ajayeb's writing: a more-than-representational method of writing attuned to the qualities of phenomena
ajayeb's fabulations (appear as:)
(atmospheric) traces
(momentary) might-have-beens

ajayeb = people + matter + real --> *point of figuring compositional reals*

ajayeb wonder world past [source:] fast-forwarded throught great arcs of *history-in-itelf* or *place-in-itself* in The Time Machine (2002 film)

what are the river and field doing now?

[*]theory: drawn through writing into the ways that people and things venture out into [*]reals:
a recursive haeccity (Deleuze and Guattari)
transversal arrays of qualities or activities which, like musical refrains, give order to materials and situations, human bodies and brains included, as actions undertaken act-back to shape muscles and bone senses (Anderson + Harrison)
a mattering that is about the (contingent and temporary) becoming-determinate (and becoming-indeterminate) of matter and meaning (Barad)
built out of difference and repetition (Deleuze)
composed of potentiality and loss (Berlant)
lean toward that which exists singularly as event, or as a gap, without ground or against the background of nothing (Dewsbury)

[*]reality: a rhythmic alteration between objects, events, and words---an uncreated world---{reverb between word and world --> [*]worling: a transposition of the existing knowledges already possible in a joke or a gesture --> singularities gathering and dissolving, #tools:
snapshots (shoot of an affect)
fictocriticism (fiction + theory + criticism; a name for those “critical” inventions which belong to literature while deforming its limits)
sensory ethnography (ethnographic engagement based on curiosity and attachment) --> drawing
--> paths lit up in a rhythm interrupted
(as an aritist) you can make anything of anything, the questions is, what is it, what is it doing, what is in this consistency of rhythm?}

[*]social: comprised of entities that are both present and absent (==> ajayeb), atmospheres, affects, virtual memories, hauntings, and that these are themselves moments of endurance (or not?), instants of the holding together of the disparate itself
(Stewart > Doel)

[!* Stewart describing the color] *red: “it moves through streams and tendrils into an associational register of connections and differences, materials and noumena وجود مجرد, the coagulation دلمه شدن and diffusions of lines of influence and bits of matter.”
(in my visual art studies we were given redness as a symbolic element in a representational order and a matter-of-fact) =/= state-of-sensory-alert, redness as an actual composition spun into representations, objects, and states of sensory alert
[...] a germinal aesthetic. a tendril of practices and sensibilities gathered into an energetics of form
black sky and ocean --> limit, outline, elemental flux, matter waiting formlessly
white ice and snow --> stasis, shape and form, a blankness that challenges composition, the transitoriness
red --> the feebly real, the long, low-frequency wave-lenght of the dying stars, the past, the effort to fix dead reality in a cast *
green --> plants that glare with a harsh reality, the violence at the heart of the world we inhabite
blue --> a limited, temporary success in fixing experience in a pattern

a landscape animated by the primariness of color =/= Molenbeek

american indians became “red” through a complex semiotics of encounters with colonists

...who knows what kinds of desires, fears and dead ends

(pay attention to Stewart list making narrative:)
events, sites, actors, stakes, consequences, properties, competences, modalities, attunements, velocities

... a world ==> ephemeral sparks ==> an atmosphere ==pulled==> qualities of sociality, personality and language out of people [--> ajayeb] ==created==> spaces of care, territoriality, order, horror

the stark mantras of representational critique: that the play of abstract categories (real/fabricated, nature/human habitat, wild/tame, red/white, high/low, etc.) bloodlessly determine worlds or adequately describe them ==> { everything is political = to always know what the political is }--> ‘political’ : something that exists in the big picture of broader significance, something strongly obvious (but not to most people!) that meanings can be automatically assigned to things and are the basis of those things’ value -->!@Ali

the effect of context

matters of composition, each with a “we”:
feeble نحيف
eccentric --> Elen
habitual --> my mother
gestural -->
half turned away
reached the expressivity of a mood, a tone of voice
do they lighten things or load them down?

...a composition made explicit in the figure of *the active survivor* and *the knowing reader of impacts* --> a watchfulness-turned-impulse that ends not on meaning but in the haptic, multi-angled, sensorimotor qualities of a world's unimaginable detail
(@Varinia) qualities sensorimotor interactions with environments that are not reducible either to thoughts and imaginings:
*richness: a scene spied provides infinite detail beyond what you can invent --> #excess
*bodiliness: the motions of the body affect sensory input
*insubordinateness: the world has a life of its own; things moved by themselves
*grabbiness: sensory impacts matter apart from their cognition
--> having a phenomenal experience is having skills with these qualities** [@Hoda]

an ecology of potentialy marked by violence and care



we might:
provide a better understanding
provoke novel realities/ontologoes (to emerge from material)
provoke an understanding in the context of the everyday

*(Latour, Whitehead, Law:) archeological entity = ontological entity (by nature) }==> productive of reality

to focus on practices in which all possible elements of the process must be understood as active and creative (--> # equipment list)

*“to take seriously" = to accept at a fundamental level the truth of a claim and to doggedly follow its consequences
(form an ontological and conceptual perspective)
(--> dogs follow consequences)
(indigenous thought is treated as a theoretical discourse on the nature of reality =/= an interesting interpretation of it)--> to take seriously the indigenous metaphysics of multinaturalism [or ajayeb] as a philosophical intervention : to trace out its effects on [our] concepts

multiculturalism: a single objective universe and many cultural interpretations of it
multinaturalism: multiple universes and a single mode of interpretation (Viveiros de Castro)
==> perspective =/= a different “point of view” on (the same way of knowing or seeing) qualitatively different worlds }-->* situated knowledges, #elephant parable

no: no --> de-historicizing effects of imposing psycho-cognitive shamanic models of art
no --> purely cognitive significance (of...)