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[...] of) deprivileging or decentering human perception and cognition (and reconcider these artistic tools and episteme:) sensation, affect, matter, energy

*digital media technology is being redefined in terms of a subtraction of human perception as the presumed center of being and feeling* @apass

movement worlding passing technology network life survive house detour translate device metamorphic [source: Jono Podmore] (media understood in terms of) *nonanthropocentric affect* --> affect = transition, gateway, passages between dimensions ==> ‘everything = media’ (~ entities can feel or whose vibrations can be felt by other entities)
affect --> [*]media: contractions of forces of the world into specific resonating milieus

**mediation = modulation = (vibration =) intensifying or deintensifying rhythmicities and forces, below and above human perception**

[*]human perception: assemblage of measuring that is irreducible to human agency or human agency alone ==> “non-conscious phenomena”
-this is Barad pointing the way to an epistemology put in terms of measuring that affects as it renders effects
(i need to work on such specific epistemology for ajayeb)

(ajayeb's speculative reals --> speculative grasp of what exists outside human knowing =/=) correlationism: impossibility of a world without human knowing

(one of our obligation today is) [nonapocalyptic] ***recognizing a world without us*** (<-- this is what we must imagine and not “our future” @Pierre)
[by] making use of poetic, affective, rhythmic processes of resonance (--> Sarah's fermentation concert, Sina's popup book)

}==rethink==> *media technologies = technologies of measure*

sensual mathematics
rethink the digital in terms of the “numerical dimension of the virtual”
the potential for mutation immanent to the numerical code itself
(indeterminacies understood in terms of) new processes of quantification that recognize the “full densely packed zones of information that are the intensive surrounds of zero and ones
Clough - Goodman - Parisi

*question of knowing = a politics of capacities* (that crosses every scale of matter/energy)
=/= interpellation and determination of the subject
=/= identity politics (politics of difference)

control society = collection of dynamic quasi-subjects (constituted by a grear number of variables) =/= collection of subjects of right (constituted by the partial alienation of their natural rights to the sovereign)

[*]population only reveals probabilistic regularities once considered at the mass level (=/= collection of controlable subjects)
(in both terms of capital and governance) *modulation and mutation are operative in relations of power* (---> go to Campbell)

[*]publics: addresses of communicated affective states (=/= subjects of discourse about and argumentation over narrative knowledge with truth claims)****
--> matters of vitalizing information
*digital technologies have been fundamental to the deterritorialization of the relationship between individual and collectivity* --Terranova--> (digital technologies through provisional capture and dissemination of affect ==>) constitution of publics

[*]biopolitics: a matter of distributing affective capacities unevenly across population (--> is volatile)
***distribution of affect reshapes society*** --requires--> to restore discursive argumentation (over narrative and its truth claims --> *narrative = a form of truth claim*)

(#telegram with Rai, we need more analysis of... in terms) *ecologies of sensation*: media assemblages with emergent properties that impel new tendencies, new forms of attention, new forms of intention, new forms of distraction, new forms of habit, new forms of practice
*politics of intervention: a matter of entering in the middle in order to *modulate* ~= (Rai's) counter-actualization (~= criticism): moving down from the extended, back to the intensive or potentiality (not merely a deconstructive practice, but) an ontologically oriented practice, a performative intervention brining a change of speed, rhythm, vibration --> politics of vibration (Pia's method)

media technological developement ==deploy==> (which?) ontological and epistemological implications

to give criticism more specificity and width

measure and media technologies


(Rai) [hacking jugaad practices] they operate within and against the plasticity (both neural and spatial) of India's “smart cities”
-feedbacked assemblages of affect, matter, policy, culture, biology, perception, value, force, sensibilities, practices, and discourses
-sensorial, algorithmic, material, and territorial makeshift infrastructures enabling digital cultures in India today

cultures of pirated workarounds (jugaad) in digital technologies
emergent digital cultures

stratified data

*hacking empiricism: a self-reflective practice of linking a problem to both its ecology of sense and sensation and to its processes and dimensions of change*
empiricism --> pragmatic experimentations in becoming other
[*]hacking: (informalized workaround practices) inchoate unvollständig movement of workaround, informal (disorganized), extralegal, democratic, subaltern, collective repurposing of found materials shifting ecologies from relative stasis to absolute flux, at times and usually in the interests of narrow class segments, in innovative and “game-changing” ways

ecologies of workaround practices

...subaltern and autonomous sensibility imprisoned and controlled by forms of monopoly and habituation

...nodes of algorithmic capital

traverse and exceed

islamophobic co-branding of Israel and India

marketing and hacking of digital cultures

social practice / hacking
pragmatic, ad hoc, networked approach (to an obstacle)
sufficient reason proceeding through intuition as much as probability

**what workaround repurposes our relation to technology and technique itself? <--Rai-- collective experiment in pragmatizing in mobile ecologies

heterodox political economy of contemporary digital capitalist control + its parasitical and autonomous pirate kingdoms (Sundaram Rai)

Foucault --> ****knowledge was not made for understanding, it was made for cutting****

entrepreneurial capture of digital cultures and their hacking (in India)

-what is the force, sense, and value of the habituation (of CG hacking, of pragmatic experimentation habits)? --Sina--> (question of) passage between affective states
-(how can we?) better diagram through connecting relations and functions of force, value, and sense in (pirated & corporate) contemporary digital media infrastructures

(how to understand effectively the knots of) ***technoperceptual*** (becoming, relations, assemblages, habituation)

negotiating the digital (irreducible to capitalist strategies of value capture ~ resistance form)

the ecology of sense and sensation that jugaad events [technical animation CG] operate through (and happen in) *requires specific pirate infrastructures*

Rai's jugaad --affirm--> becoming through a counteractualization of the infrastructures of postdigital cultures

strategic narratives of acts of consumption --> sources of new productivity

(Ris's notion of) ecological: process-oriented historical materialism

ajayeb rigs existence hierarchy snake world donya [source: Sina Seifee] interpretation by thinking --through--> assemblages of action --through--> assemblages of thought

collective practices of habituation

([Rai's] methodology of) *affect-as-capacity* --shift--> the focus of attention away from language (discourse and representation) toward habituated and emergent sensations in historically specific media assemblages

transformation of telecommunications in colonial and postcolonial South Asia

(Guattari's) assemblage: a prepersonal practice, a kind of style, a creative mutation that binds an individual or a group consciously or unconsciously


*traveling the bibliographic among knowledge worlds*

(Katie making a) multimedia bibliographic essay *with an argument* --> working out a practice of *transdisciplinary inspection*
(@apass, a few index of evaluation for such practice:)
*how well it learns and models how to be affected or moved*
*how well it opens up unexpected elements of one's own embodiments in lively and re-sensitizing world*